SendinBlue 2019 Review – Is It The Perfect All-In-One Email Solution?

Make your business fly with Sendinblue

Founded in Paris in 2012 by Armand Thiberge, Sendinblue is an email marketing tool that is both affordable and easy to use.

Sendinblue started out as a digital agency which made them realize of the biggest problem that marketers had. People with growing businesses needed a tool that can efficiently keep up with the company as they grow bigger. Most marketing tools are already tailored fit for bigger companies, so what about the smaller ones or those that are still starting out, right?

This is where sendinblue comes in. The company aims to cater to small and medium-sized businesses and all its features, support, and pricing is designed with them in top priority. Whether it be managing email campaigns, sending text messages, or saving time with automation, sendinblue is here to help efficiently and effectively.

In this article, you will learn more about sendinblue’s basic features, creating a free account, drafting and sending an email campaign, its pricing plans and as well as weighing the pros and cons.

Summary of Basic Features

  • email marketing
  • sms marketing
  • chat
  • marketing automation
  • segmentation
  • transaction email
  • CRM
  • landing pages
  • sign up forms
  • Facebook Ads
  • open and click-through reports
  • email heat map
  • A/B testing
  • real-time statistics
  • send time optimization
  • API
  • Plug-inds

Taking a closer look into Sendinblue.

Creating an account

  1. On your browser, just go to Once you’re in the homepage, click on the Sign Up Free button found on the top right corner of the page.

  1. Fill in the required details then click on the Get Started button. Check your email afterwards to verify your email address and click on the confirm email button found on the message.

  1. Next, complete your profile by adding all the necessary information.

Then, click on the Complete my profile button to move to the next step.

  1. Welcome to sendinblue!

Creating and sending an email campaign

  1. On the Dashboard, click on the Create a New Campaign button.

  1. Then fill up the required information about your campaign, click on Next Step afterwards.

  1. Choose between three (3) options in creating your message, Drag & Drop, Rich Text Editor or Paste Code. Choose Drag & Drop if you are a beginner and the other two options are for more experienced users.

  1. Customize the email by adding images, labels and text.

Note: To send a test email first before proceeding, after you made changes to your message, click on the Send Test Email button and put in the email you want the message to be sent to.

  1. When everything looks good and finalized, click on the Save & Quit button. Check how your message looks on desktop and mobile then click Next Step to proceed. Choose a contact list then click on the checkbox to select it, afterwards click Next Step. Do some last-minute review then, click the Schedule button. Choose between send immediately or schedule, this is totally up to you.

  1. Afterwards, celebrate because you were able to send your first email campaign! Easy as 1 2 3, right?

Is Sendinblue for free?

Actually, yes. You can avail of the free plan with locked features. But, to access more powerful and advanced tools, take a look at different premium plans to choose from.

Weighing the pros and cons of sendinblue

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of using this website.


  • Very easy to use
  • User Friendly
  • Great Features


  • If you have a lot of subscribers, they only send emails to first 500 subscribers then depending on the stats on that, they will decide if they want to send to the second group of 500 subscribers
  • They close down accounts for no apparent reason
  • Customer Service seems to be slow in addressing issues

Happy reviews from satisfied sendinblue users

“Great service, great and personalized customer support, great tools and great price. I tested to know how work and I moved to use this great system as my main tool that also is easy to use and you can start to send mailings in few minutes.” – Parapente y Paramotor Argentina

“I’m trying to prospect agencies who want to expand their business services. And a mailing strategy always is a good choice. When i was looking for some mailing platforms, i found Sendinblue. I create my profile and made my first mailing campaign i never thought that could be so easy. It is a very friendly platform, you can make your own structure, put some links buttons, change color, everything that you need. Even put some codes to make it more dynamic. There board and reports are simple and great, and you can control all about your email subscribers having the greatest results. I recommend to all my companions, it’s just great…” – Alexis Treszero

“I started using Sendinblue because of their affordable prices. Then I noticed that it’s an amazing email marketing platform. Here are the reasons: Easy to use, Great features and Very quick customer support. I will continue to work with Sendinblue.” – Ismail

“I’ve been using SendinBlue for a little while now and I must admit I prefer it over Mailchimp. It’s a lot simpler to use and in my opinion has more intuitive features. My eCommerce site is new and I like the fact that the free plan gives me features that are only usually found in premium plans. it allows me to setup workflow automatons to track what visitors do on my site. Reports are also included if you need them as well as geo-tracking, heat-maps, analytics integration and a lot more. I recommend them! Check them out now!” – Tony

“We started using Sendinblue after trying other big names in the transactional email service world. We have been using Sendinblue for more than 2 months now and it’s clearly evident that this is one of the best services out there. It’s fast to set up, super easy to use, intuitive and provides the required KPIs. We really liked the way a campaign flow is set up and verified before sending out. I would definitely recommend this service.” – Vikram Ghandi

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