Review Process

Our 12-Step Review Process

Searching Google for the best review can be hard…

There’s nothing like finally finding the perfect review.

That’s our mission here to make you sure you get #1 review available. The one that answers your question before you even knew you had them.

So how do our reviews work?

We don’t ask owners for free samples. No, just like you we grab our wallets and buy it. Step by step, we’re reviewing the exact same experience you’ll have. Sounds good right?

Here’s how our review process looks like

  1. Buy the product from each provider.
  2. Install it on our laptop (Windows 10 or Mac OS 10.13+).
  3. Read every single review to understand what to expect (okay maybe not every single review, but we read a ton from Trustpilot, Capterra, GetApp, G2, Google, and more!)
  4. Run tests checking with the pros and cons we’ve identified from other reviews.
  5. Check to make sure it works from all major browser.
  6. Test the app’s usability and user-friendliness.
  7. Double-check their privacy policy and terms.
  8. Check if they work with  popular add-ons.
  9. Test our their customer support.
  10. List out the main their main strength and weakness from our experience and privacy features.
  11. Compare the cost vs. value.
  12. Rank them all on our homepage.

That’s our checklist and it help us make sure YOU have the best experience with providers.

Between reviewing those points for all providers, you see why we take our time with each review.

With every review you get transparency and depth. Use the information you find here to make the best decision possible.